Based in Durbanville, Western Cape we offer local and international protection services, with Africa and South Africa as our main focus area. We have created a company dedicated to informed advice and quality service, with discretion and professionalism forming the foundation of the company. We endeavor to present the best-tailored protection solutions to our clients as our advice and recommendations are based on facts and experience gained in hostile environments.

We assist government agencies, businesses, the private sector, and farming communities to mitigate risks that emanate from political turmoil, terrorism and criminal syndicates. Adopting a holistic approach, we develop effective protection strategies that incorporate our team of specialists with available technology to provide bespoke solutions. We assist our clients with stabilizing their immediate environment while protecting lives, assets and infrastructure.




Southern Africa has become more hostile over the past years with kidnapping on the increase, the trend is aimed at high profile business people and their families with several cases being reported in South Africa and neighboring countries. Our highly trained team has the skills and abilities to protect our clients, their families, and assets against these threats. We offer Close Protection Services, Executive Protection, Executive Residential Protection, and Secure Drive services both locally and in neighboring countries.

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Executive Protection Services south Africa

Southern Africa has become more hostile in recent years with a shift to more violent crimes. We receive daily reports of a wide range of crimes in rural and urban areas that include kidnap and ransom cases targeted at our business communities. Our highly trained and diverse team has the skills and abilities combined with the latest technology to protect our clients, their families, assets and infrastructure against these threats

We offer professional protection services in Cape Town, South Africa and abroad. Our team is highly trained and will be by your side keeping you safe. We are also medically trained should first aid be required. Your safety is our priority and we do what is necessary to preserve it. We are a trusted close protection company Cape Town

Rural Safety and Counter-Poaching

This service is offered to our farming communities and conservation areas. We are aware the growing number of attacks targeted at our farmers and farming communities, placing their lives and livelihood under pressure, we offer dedicated rural safety teams in these areas. Our wildlife continues to be plagued by poaching syndicates with no regard of future generations that might not be able to see our wildlife in the wild. We offer trained counter-poaching teams to assist with stabilizing these areas.

Risk Assessments

This service is offered to all clients. A team of specialists is deployed to conduct a risk assessment, to identify any potential security defects and vulnerabilities. We also look at the Crisis Management Action Plan of our corporate clients and integrate all aspects of the assessment to form part of this plan, thus ensuring a holistic approach to the security solution. We offer our expertise on how we can help mitigate these risks and keep you, your business, or your family safe. Conducting an assessment is an integral part of an organization’s crisis management action plan.

Executive Support Service

This is a service that is offered to Executives of companies or organizations. It is a tier down from our Executive Protection Services, for our clients who do not require a full protection team. It is designed to aid in protecting executives during travel between meetings or when they are traveling to an unfamiliar area and are cautious that there may be a danger. Our team has been trained to handle any situation that may occur.

Tactical Support Teams

This service is offered to individuals as well as corporate companies to protect their families, staff as well as assets and infrastructure. The team we deploy is comprised of highly trained members who are tasked with responding to critical incidents where their specific training is applied. Tactical teams are deployed when a more overt approach to critical situations is required. This approach may include extractions from hostile environments, protection of a distribution center, response to rural attacks or a counter-terrorism team in critical areas known as National Key Points

Investigation Service

This is one of our more complex services as it covers various aspects. This service is offered to both our corporate and individual clients. Our team of investigators are highly trained and offers a wide range of investigative services, which include but are not limited to criminal background checks for corporate companies as well as more serious criminal matters.



SP&I is fully compliant with all requirements of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority South Africa and is a registered service provider.
PSIRA NO: 2935233

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